Renewable Energy

A wide range of electronic control units for the management of thermal solar installations of forced and natural circulation. Many plant configurations programmable and manageable through a clear and immediate user interface.
A real plus compared to market standards consisting in the integrated cathodic protection system (Blue Beam) available as an option on some models.
Last but not least, very low energy consumption of the entire system for a better environment and in perfect keeping with the philosophies of the sector.

  • Controller for solar thermal EVOSOL

    The controllers EVOSOL are designed to handle up to 9 types of solar thermal system simply by selecting the appropriate menu.
    Besides the management of theĀ  classics devices, EVOSOL is able to manage completely a series of circulators with electronic control of PWM type and up to 4 linear sensors of the latest generation.
    A very interesting feature that distinguishes the control units EVOSOL is the possibility of having the cathodic protection system Bluebeam integrated.

  • Electronics boards for thermal solar installations ECUSOL

    The management electronics boards for thermal solar installations ECUSOL, combine the features of the control units EVOSOL with the flexibility of housing within a structured system.
    The possibility of having the keyboard command independent from the main board, allows the use of a single electronic card for different solutions of employment.

  • Thermostat for solar thermal installations EDAT

    The thermostat EDAT is the optimal solution for the management of the pump of solar heating systems in the basic configuration “collector + tank”.
    It is a differential /absolute thermostat able to acquire up to 2 RTD temperature sensors and drive a circulator in ON / OFF mode.
    The system includes monitoring the proper operation of the sensors and the anti-lock timed circulator.