Technosystem Srl

Company specialized in the production and sale of electronic boards and temperature sensors for gas boilers. We offer a wide range of products and solutions for renewable energy, temperature probes and safety thermostats.


Safety Electronics Boards

Electronic control boards and regulation for gas boilers and gas equipment designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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Temperature Sensors

With more than 200 models available in the catalog, allows for more choice of product suitable for each application.

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Auxiliary Electronics Systems

Technosystem provides a wide range of electronic boards and devices born for the total control of the heating system.

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Renewable Energy

A wide range of electronic control units for the management of thermal solar installations of forced and natural circulation.

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Wide range of bimetal thermostats “Klixon” automatic or manual reset can also be made at the specific request of the customer.

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Blue Beam Cathodic Protection System

Born for the protection of electric boilers, gas boilers, exchange boilers, and of any tank in carbon steel or stainless steel that contains water.

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