Blue Beam Cathodic Protection System

It is the logic application of the method of impressed current protection. The innovative electronics completely managed by a microprocessor allow to reach high standards which, were, until today, unthinkable for this specific application. The self-learning and self-regulation enhance the flexibility of the Blue Beam facilitating adaptation to the environment in which it operates. Born for the protection of electric boilers, gas boilers, exchange boilers, coil pipes boilers and of any tank in carbon steel or stainless steel that contains water. Blue Beam is a “clean” and ecologic system respectful of the environment and of its problems, projected and developed to work consuming the smallest possible quantity of energy.

Electronic protection system

The electronic protection device acts on the Blue Beam to be protected in a fully automatic, you do not need any calibration or setting, simply plug in the electrode, the ground wire and plug it into the outlet.
It is capable of protecting metal tanks up to a maximum capacity of 2000 liters depending on the number and size of electrodes.
The device is capable of signaling the status of operation of the protection, including short-circuit or disconnection of the anode, degree of protection of the tank etc.
The system can be supplied in a handy kit that includes the electronic device with wiring, the electrode, the instruction sheet and the box suitable for exhibitors.

Electrode element activated

The electrodes of protection are constituted by a plastic support threaded for easy installation inside the tank, a rod of titanium and an element activated which ensures the electrical conduction in any situation.
Unlike sacrificial anodes in magnesium, these electrodes are not consumed, providing protection with no time limit. Another advantage compared to the anodes in magnesium is the total absence of dissolution of harmful substances inside the tank and the impossibility of nesting of bacteria on the electrode.
In addition to a long list of standard electrodes you can customize the length to customer specifications.