Auxiliary Electronics Systems

A wide range of electronic boards and devices born for the total control of the heating system. Timers for the management of comfort, daily and weekly single and double-channelled.
Boards for zoning thermoregulation. Management boards for combined systems HI /LO temperature.
Management control units for cascade boilers.

  • Management control units for cascade boilers

    The control unit for cascade boilers allows to manage up to 8  single-stage boilers or 4 two-stage .
    In addition to the heating system, the controller is able to manage the system for the generation of sanitary water.
    It is possible the customizations of the operating logic on specific customer required.

  • Board for zoning thermoregulation

    The control unit for zone systems can handle up to 4 zones high temperature or 1 to  high temperature zone 1 and to  low temperature zone.
    The low temperature zone  is managed to the control unit through  a mixing valve and the zone temperature value is  directly set on the board.
    A This unit can be connected to an outdoor sensor that allows you to select the temperature value  in the L.T. zone   according to the outside temperature and the selected climatic curve.

  • Interface modules and expansion MPM

    Modules are available for interfacing of control units, flame control boards  etc.
    In addition to interfacing modules also are available module I/O expansion of the boards.

  • Front unit DWC

    The front unit DWC are designed specifically to interface with boilers.
    They can be used simply as a daily / weekly timer, 1 or 2 channels or in addition, through serial communication type , a display to show the user the state of the boiler and control keyboard.
    All units feature front timers have a buffer that maintains the operation clock for several hours in case of power failure.